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Absolute Black Granite

Aravali India Marbles & Granites is India’s leading and most successful Manufacturer and Exporter of Indian Black Granites & one of them is our Absolute Black Granite aka Granit Nero Assoluto or Nero Assoluto Indian Granite or Nero Assoluto Indiano or Warangal Black Granite or Khammam Black Granite. Our Granite Company is specialized in exporting containers of Absolute Black Granite Slabs as well as Absolute Black Granite Tiles.

We are a highly renowned Manufacturer, Supplier, and Exporter of Absolute Black Granite Slabs. We carefully inspect the entire process - from quarrying to sawing the Absolute Black Granite Blocks until the final phase where the Absolute Black Granite Slabs & Tiles are polished just in order to assure a high standard of quality pass on to our esteemed clients in European and USA region.

Aravali India Marbles & Granites offers a competitive pricing and high-quality Absolute Black Granite. With regard to quality, the facts speak for themselves: our Absolute Black Granite come from Earth’s richest and finest Black Granite Quarries in South India. The South Indian Black Granite is the darkest black variety of natural stone available on the earth. Indian Absolute Black Granite is much harder black granite in comparison to Chinese black Granite. It takes high gloss polish that lasts for years. Indian Granite Absolute Black is mostly used for counter tops, vanity tops, wall cladding and external & internal flooring. Indian Granit Absolute Black is one of the most popular color in Granite available the whole world.

Types of Absolute Black Granite – Absolute black Granite is generally available in following types due to color and texture variation :-
  1. Premium Black Granite / Jet Black Granite Direct polished material, due to very small / fine closed grain it becomes very dark. This grade does not need any type of Black Epoxy treatment. This type of material is one of the best black granite available in India and it’s price is very high. This is very expensive quality granite and directly exported to USA, Canada, Ireland, UK, France, Belgium, Australia, Italy and German Market. This type of premium quality black Granite is mainly used for making countertops and monuments.
  2. Absolute Black Granite – Standard Quality Absolute Black Granite in standard category is also in a big demand from all over the world. This granite texture contains medium to small grains and the color of this granite is also similar to premium black granite but if you carefully see the surface you will come to know about silver / greyish medium grains. This shade is mostly liked by the mediocre price oriented buyers, the price of this grade's material is a major attraction because the price level is not so high and the material also of the good quality.
  3. Absolute Black Granite – Regular Quality This grade material needs to be treated with black epoxy / pigmentation so as to make the surface more black than it appears. We always cover up some visible defects by different treatments with epoxy resin at our Resin Line. They are not expensive and they are the hot favourite for those granite buyers who are running the low-budget flooring and wall cladding projects.
Absolute Black Granite
Following sizes available easily in Absolute Black Granite, these are our regular sizes:
Absolute Black Granite Slabs:
Jumbo Gangsaw Slabs 2800 mm onwards x 1800 mm on wards in 20, 30, 40…..up to 150 mm thick.
Mini Gangsaw Slabs 2400 mm onwards x 1200 mm on wards in 18, 20, 30, 40…..up to 150 mm thick
Small Vertical Slabs 1800 mm onwards x 650 mm on wards in 18, 20, 30, 40…..up to 150 mm thick
Absolute Black Granite Modular Tiles (Polished, Calibrated & Bevelled):
1′ x 1′ x 10 mm or 305 x 305 x 10 mm or 12" x 12" x 3/8"
2′ x 1′ x 10 mm or 610 x 305 x 10 mm or 12" x 24" x 3/8"
1.33’ x 1.33’ x 12 mm or 406 x 406 x 12 mm or 16" x 16" x 1/2"
1.50’ x 1.50’ x 12 mm or 457 x 457 x 12 mm or 18" x 18" x 1/2"
Absolute Black Granite Tiles (Polished):
300 mm x 300 mm x 15, 18, 20, 30, 40…mm thick or more
400 mm x 400 mm x 15, 18, 20, 30, 40…mm thick or more
600 mm x 300 mm x 15, 18, 20, 30, 40…mm thick or more
600 mm x 400 mm x 15, 18, 20, 30, 40…mm thick or more
600 mm x 600 mm x 15, 18, 20, 30, 40…mm thick or more
Absolute Black Granite Skirting / Borders:
Free length (500 mm to 800 mm) x 80 mm exact x 10 mm (one length side polished and beveled)
Absolute Black Granite Free Length Strips:
Free length (500 to 800 mm) x 300 mm exact x 12 mm / 15 mm
Absolute Black Granite tops and back splash with desired edge profile:
Kitchen counter tops - 84" x 26", 96" x 26", 108" x 26"
Back splash - 84" x 6", 96" x 6", 108" x 6"
Kitchen Island 84" x 48", 96" x 48"
Absolute Black Granite Rough Blocks:
1800 x 3000 x 1800 mm & up – gang saw size granite blocks
1500 x 2700 x 1500 mm & up – gang saw size granite blocks
1200 x 2400 x 1200 mm & up – mini gang saw size granite blocks
600 x 1800 x 600 mm & up – small vertical size granite blocks
We are supplying our Absolute Black Granite in - Polished, Honed, Flamed & Brushed Finishes.

Aravali India Marbles & Granites offers the high quality Absolute Black Granite Products and world class service that enable us to be a one-stop shop for all your granite needs. We want to be your Granite Supplier in India. Please contact us soon so that we can further discuss with you how Aravali India Marbles & Granites can make your company even more successful!

We are waiting to give you an order-able quote for your next container order.

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